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About Flickstarter.BIZ!

We allow you to leverage your completed movie, work-in-progress, or movie-screener on our network of websites and select VOD/Streaming venues...

One example of this is the hundreds of indie movies on our sister site, www.Zombiepix.com.  This is an example of how we leverage the web to insure that indie filmmakers get the exposure they deserve...  

Flickstarter.BIZ also employs partnerships with film festivals like the Metro Film Festival.  This festival supports multiple Genres and Mediums. 

Flickstarter.BIZ is NOT a Beggar website.  Nor are we a CrowdFunding source like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  (Did I say "nor?")  Anywho, we're not like them.

We treat Filmmaking as a business.  Flickstarter.BIZ aims to establish your entertainment project as a functional PRODUCT that is worthy of being PURCHASED.

Thank you for visiting, please bookmark us.  Please contact Dean for more information.  Or if you've made a Genre specific movie that is ready to be distributed on a Zombiepix.com website, please check that sites submission page.  You'll see we support you current monetization plan, and we're open to other means of making your movie a financial success.


Inquire and get your movie here by email deanlach(atsymbol)juno.com -- please add @ symbol, delete ().

A little more about you...

This is where we would put a write up about your movie.  The embedded video above can be a trailer/teaser/clip or even your full-movie.  We like the idea of presenting works-in-progess and screeners, so feel free to talk to Dean about how we can represent you here.  Oh, bye the way, it doesn't cost you anything to do this, we make our money when you sell/rent your movie, and we usually get around 15 percent once  the credit card company or other gateway gets their share.

Reminder, this area is reserved for your indie movies...

This Flickstarter.BIZ page features an embedded video.  We're testing several methods of promotion for indie movies. 

Flickstarter.BIZ also distributes Lachiusa's movie through VODO.net, and it's been downloaded over 15,000 times.

***In This year we're testing: ROKU.  Last year we tested VHX and GiantCinema.   Contact Dean on his facebook page for the results.

Also, we recently tested and flunked "Dacast" because their encoding system was inconsistent.  It allowed us to upload videos, then Dacast greenlit and manufactured video players that produced error messages.  Dacast = Flunked! And IflixTV was tested...and flunked too.  (Gosh aren't we cocky?)

A shameless plug for our sister site; a destination for Indie made Genre films and Scream Queens like Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, Tiffany Shepis, and Melantha Blackthorne:


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